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We are a primitive people

A quote from Walter Dorwin Teague in the thirties seems to echo the current state of web design and development, a dramatic simplification of the predominant design style (dare I mention the F word?) coupled with, and possibly caused by, an explosion of new design techniques and tools that we’re racing to catch up with.

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Less noise texture mixin

If you’d like to add a little bit of texture to your designs adding a subtle amount of noise can work wonders. By using a repeated monochrome noise png as a background image you can add noise to any element no matter what colour by using opacity to blend it in.

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I love to mess about with side projects, although I have a very bad habit which I think may be common amongst us in that I have so little free time to spend on the projects that it takes me so long to design and develop them, that I usually end up abandoning them at [...]

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Smarter images in Jadu CMS

An exploration into low impact development within a CMS, building lightweight functionality to improve how we use imagery within web pages that can be replaced as and when the platform evolves.

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