We are a primitive people

A quote from famed industrial designer Walter Dorwin Teague in the thirties seems to echo the current state of web design and development, namely a dramatic simplification of the predominant design style (dare I mention the F word?) coupled with, and possibly caused by, an explosion of new design techniques and tools that we’re racing to catch up with.

Walter Dorwin Teague“We achieve a high degree of simplicity because we are a primitive people, we have reverted again to a primitive state of human development. We are primitives in this new machine age. We have no developed history behind us to use in our artistic creations. We have no theories, no vocabulary of ornament, behind us to use in our work. That is why so much of our modern work today has a certain stark and simple quality that relates it very closely to the primitive work of Greece and the primitive work of Egypt and the primitive work of most people who were discovering their techniques and their tools.”
Walter Dorwin Teague, 1939

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